Project Framework

Environmental Justice Framework

We know that people living in more deprived areas have poorer health and wellbeing, poorer educational outcomes, poorer access to work, and suffer more from the impact of climate change. These are the same groups of people who are struggling more from Covid 19 and also have less access to good quality green space. This thread connects the impacts from climate change, ecological decline and the Covid 19 pandemic to environmental justice. We know that green space offers huge benefits to health and wellbeing and by making sure those in more need of it, can access it, we will go some way to achieving environmental justice.

Our progress to date:
•We have identified key data sets in the Local Authority that can be mapped against green space to help us score how well particular areas do with regards to green space access.
•During August we ran a social media campaign, showcasing a few of the many green sector jobs available. We asked those working in the industry to discuss the best thing about their job, the courses they studied and advice they’d give to those considering the industry.
•To support our Green Jobs Skills Showcase we are working with colleges, training providers and businesses to deliver webinars to those interested in the industry to learn all about the opportunities available through education, training and job experiences To find out more please do not hesitate to contact us:
•We have developed a virtual skills showcase which tells people all about the kind of work they can do related to nature find out more here

Citizen Involvement Framework

The world’s greenest cities make it very easy for their citizens to make a difference through contributing their ideas, their endeavour, and their time Birmingham needs such a support system for its citizens and under FPA we intend to create such a platform where everybody’s voice can be heard.

Our progress to date
•Making sure our residents are involved in this process and can access quality information about green spaces is key We have undertaken some engagement work as part of our proposals for our 4 pilot themes. We’re really pleased to see such enthusiasm for our approach and have looked closely at feedback to ensure we are taking into account this feedback
•We are supporting health mentors (working with and as part of the Birmingham
Children’s Trust) to use green space with 50 young mentees who are children in care
We have designed a green space quiz to help our mentors understand green space
better and are now supporting them in using local green spaces to engage their
•We recorded at least 70 000 hours of volunteering in green spaces last year We have
just finished launching a volunteer survey to understand what drives people to support
our green spaces and importantly what stops them

Healthy City Framework

Birmingham aspires to be a healthy city as well as a green city. In the great Victorian era, city parks came out of the 1848 Public Health Act. This recognised the overwhelming health benefits of the natural environment on all peoples lives. Our Healthy City Framework will re connect these agendas once again in Birmingham so that we clearly link health and wellbeing to green space nature, helping our residents to live healthier lives.

Our progress to date:
Through Witton Lodge Association, we have run:
• 4 Virtual sessions to connect people to nature when they can’t be in green spaces themselves this has helped people grow in confidence to go outdoors as lockdown eased.
• Parks At Home has brought parks and nature indoors to people who have been unable to leave their homes getting residents to grow sunflowers together has been a positive experience and let people enjoy nature more.
• Supported walks to help people feel confident going back outside.
• We are also working with Heartlands Hospital to help their staff use more green spaces as part of their daily lives.
•Currently, we are recruiting social prescribing link workers to help them better understand our green space offer so that we can embed green spaces into their non medical offer of help to patients.

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