Little Green Champions

Little Green Champions are all the five and under children out there who are eco warriors, connect to nature, loving their park, helping wildlife and or are just generally having fun playing and learning in Birmingham’s green spaces.

“There’s a reason birdsong, rainfall and crashing waves are some of our favourite sounds. Nature makes us happy. We know that nature is good for our wellbeing and there’s plenty of evidence to back this up.

It’s not just for adults; children benefit from exploring nature too. The feeling of a snail’s smooth shell, the smell of damp seaweed and the sound of sticks splashing in a river – it’s moments like this that help children grow and connect with their natural world.” – National Trust

That’s why The National Trust has created ’50 things to do before you’re 11¾’. 

Kids need nature and nature needs kids

The National Trust created What’s ’50 things’ all about? | National Trust to encourage families to play in nature together and build an enduring connection with wildlife. We all want children to explore their senses in the wild, care for plants and creatures, and reflect on their feelings in different landscapes.

Growing Little Green Champions in Birmingham

The Naturally Birmingham Project works closely with the National Trust to develop actions that help Birmingham’s residents to get involved with green spaces and that goes for families with children who are five or under who we call Little Green Champions.

It’s not just a case of getting outdoors or visiting you local park – we want children to really explore nature in all different seasons, and build special memories to last. Research tells us these experiences of connecting with nature boost children’s physical, social and mental development. And it’s lots of fun too.

If you aren’t sure where your local park is you can find parks in Birmingham here: Find a park | Birmingham City Council just use your postcode to find green spaces by you.

But it’s not just children and adults that benefit from nature. When we build a connection with nature, we’re more likely to care for it in return. This means children who explore and enjoy nature are more likely to look after it, stand up for it and take action to protect it as they grow older.

“No one will protect what they don’t care about, and no one will care about what they have never experienced.”

Sir David Attenborough

There aren’t just 50 that you could do, there are hundreds of ways to connect to nature and get involved with green spaces, but we are suggesting that you try just 5 things before your children are over 5 years old – but do these at least once in all four seasons – every year!

Get Moving

Grow Together

Connect with Nature

Learn More

Shout about it!

So we are building a digital resource one week at time for the Spring into Summer season. Each following season – Summer, Autumn, Winter we will post five new activity sheets to give you some ideas and encouragement to get out and about and help grow a City of Nature full of Little Green Champions.

Spring into Summer – Week 1 “Get Moving”:

Download an activity sheet here to help you get out and about and get moving:

Spring into Summer Week 2 – Growing Together

You can grow together a home, it’s really easy to get started. Here Hamira and Esa show us how:

Or you can think about how plants grow, why they are important, what they give us by checking out our activity sheet:

Spring into Summer Week 3 – Connect with Nature

Using arts and crafts to think about nature can help us explore nature more deeply and start to make a better connection with it. Modelling animals helps to think about what an animal looks like. It doesn’t matter what the model or drawing looks like to us, it’s just thinking and talking about it that’s important.

Here you can watch Holly show us how to make a mud animal from natural clay:

Making Mud Animals

Spring into Summer Week 4 – Learn More

Spring into Summer Week 5 – Shout about it!

Shout about it! is a really important action – we want you to share with us what you like and what you don’t like. What you want more of and what you want less of. More about this coming soon!

Here is the story of “H” one of our Little Green Champions: Teeny Explorers – Naturally Birmingham Future Parks Project

So if you have a Little Green Champion or lots of Little Green Champions please let us know what you have been doing and what you would like to do more of.

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