Skills and Jobs Pilot

The Skills and Jobs pilot is based out of Ward End Park.

Employment Objectives

  • Invest in nature based green jobs and skills learning.
  • Embed the natural environment in all growth sector strategies
  • Green our grey transport routes and extend walking and cycling

Skills and Jobs Pilot Proposals

A Skills Showcase

We asked if we should provide a skills showcase, providing the chance to learn all about the skills required and jobs available within parks, green spaces and the surrounding areas including engineering, leisure, horticulture, business and more. And also involve opportunities in apprenticeships, work experience and volunteering – something for everybody. Following community conversations and feedback we decided to go ahead with this idea, we would have loved to have hosted a huge interactive day at Ward End Park, giving education establishments, training providers, sports groups and businesses, the opportunity to bring the green sector to life however due to COVID-19 we’re unable to do this right now.

Therefore, we’re bringing the green sector to life by showcasing all of the opportunities that available and all of the different jobs online for now. When you think green sector, you may think horticulture and arboriculture, but have you ever considered any of these…

We’ve set up a YouTube channel, Jobs and Skills – Naturally Birmingham. The perfect place for you to watch videos from horticulturists, landscape architects, tree surgeons and more – providing you the opportunity to learn all about what the green sector has to offer…click here to watch our videos.

Throughout October 2020 we will be joined by businesses and Colleges from across Birmingham, hosting seminars to talk all about the opportunities that are available, through courses, apprenticeships, training, vacancies and even work experience.

Our first webinar will be with Birmingham Metropolitan talking all about their Level 2 Horticulture Course…details on how to book will be shared soon on our social media channels Twitter, Facebook, Instagram @Naturallybirmi1

If there are any green sector jobs you want to know more about but don’t where to look then please get in touch by emailing

Schools & Young People

We know how important parks have been throughout Covid-19 and some young people across the city have really enjoyed being outdoors, learning ‘green’ skills and staying active. We’re looking to work closely with Schools & Young People to we endorse the learning of ‘green’ skills and support those that have an interest through a Park Ambassadors Role. We are looking at the Park Ambassador role across the whole Naturally Birmingham Programme – as part of the Jobs and Skills Pilot, we want to engage with 16-24 year olds that wish to be Park Ambassadors and encourage the learning of green skills that could then lead to training and work opportunities within the green sector. If you’d like to know more about becoming a Park Ambassador then please contact us –

At the moment we’re looking at how we can make Ward End Park more colourful  and spread positive messages across the park. Following a couple of discussions with young people, the idea of painting bins and benches across the park has been supported. We’re therefore looking to engage with youth groups and schools that wish to be involved with designing their own bins or benches.

A few ideas for positive messages that have been suggested so far include –

  • Look after all creatures – don’t litter their homes.
  • Be nice to everyone
  • Positivity is key

If you’d like to know more then please get in touch

The groups below, are just a few of the groups we are currently working with in and around Ward End Park that wish to continue working closely with Schools to bring nature to life, encourage fitness and support community life –

  • The Community Environmental Trust
  • The Active Wellbeing Society
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award
  • Norton Hall
  • Sport for Life

And more..

If you are part of a business or group and would like to get involved with the Jobs and Skills Pilot at Ward End Park, or you are part of a School and would like to engage – please contact us  

Business Engagement

We want to encourage businesses to get involved with Ward End Park throughpark activities, staff engagement days corporate social responsibility activities.

We want to ensure that businesses are involved with looking after their local green spaces. We are in the process of collating a Corporate Social Responsibility list that will provide a full range of activities that businesses can support with.

We also want to work with businesses to look at the opportunities that will give back in the long term including sponsorship, the support of training courses for those with an interest in the green sector and more…

Employee health and wellbeing is very important and we want to encourage businesses to support employees that wish to use the green spaces around Birmingham to support their health and wellbeing – if you have ideas on how we can support this – we would love to speak with you.

If you would like to be involved, then please get in touch

Joining forces – We are supporting the already amazing work taking place within the communities, through building on the community activity and events within the park and supporting improvements and activities as well as group action and joint ownership.

There are some fantastic activities already taking place in Ward End Park with the following groups –

And more…….

Ward End Park House – we are currently looking at ways of how Ward End Park House can benefit everyone and we are exploring the possibilities of a training space, meeting rooms, a possible cafe, activity space and more…

The Boat House sits left to the Dolphin Centre and there are currently conversations taking place to see what can be done at The Boat House to bring it back to life – either as a meeting space, small museum or perhaps bring the boating back to the lake…what would you like to see?

The Dolphin Centre is up and running and  has lots to offer – you can find more information here The Dolphin Centre.

Community Gardens – the community gardens to the left of Ward End Park House need bringing back to life as we have been unable to work on them during Covid – 19. We want to make sure all plots are filled – so if you’d like to know more, please get in touch

If you run a community group, would like to be involved with the activities that take place or have ideas around what you’d like to see within Ward End Park – please do get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

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