The FPA Project Co-design Phase

The pages in this section were created during the development of the Naturally Birmingham Project.

We started with the four themes and pilot sites that went with those themes:

Health and Wellbeing – Witton Lodge

Jobs and Skills – Ward End Park

Children and Young People – Dawberry Fields Park

Housing – Various sites

As we started to consult with colleagues and the community different ideas came forward to be developed and tested at our pilot sites.

These original themes evolved over time into the themes: Healthy Parks, Fair Parks, Green Parks, Involved Parks and Valued Parks. These then repeat at a city level.

We have looked at how we can action these themes, what to we need people to do? This brought us to: Get Moving, Connect with Nature, Grow Together, Learn More and Share.

And to help others be part of the City of Nature: Green Champions of all ages and abilities. This started early in the project as Park Stars and Park Ambassadors but we realised this was much wider than just parks, it was about all green things, allotments, community gardens, school grounds…

We didn’t want to remove the pages as they show the journey we have been on to get where we are.

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