Welcome to Naturally Birmingham

Delivering the City of Nature Plan

Naturally Birmingham is a cross working nature based project delivering the City of Nature Plan with people’s views and values at it’s heart – developing new approaches to caring for the city’s green spaces.

The Naturally Birmingham Project delivered the the first phase of the Future Parks Accelerator Project funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and supported by the National Trust. Although that first phase completed at the end of June 2022 a follow on project called the Urban Nature Development Project has now started and so the Naturally Birmingham Project can continue with an aim of bringing nature to everyone’s doorstep.

Environmental Justice: Everyone has the right to healthy places to live, work and enjoy themselves. When we improve environmental justice across our cities, we make sure everyone receives their fair share of nature’s benefits and has access to quality green space.

“When we were coming up with ideas for improvements and interventions, nothing was out of bounds. In our planning, we went through an iterative process of writing it out, going back and checking with the community, writing it out again, defining it more and refining it. We went through this process to pin down a set of actions that were repeating through all the messages. We built this approach of combining learning, understanding, researching and collating people’s stories. It might now, at the end of the process, feel simple, but behind that is a lot of work, listening and planning.” Debbie Needle – Community Facilitator.

Find out more about Environmental Justice by visiting the Future Parks Accelerator website: