Welcome to Naturally Birmingham

The Future Parks Accelerator Project for Birmingham

Naturally Birmingham is a cross working project with people’s views and values at it’s heart – testing new approaches to caring for the city’s green spaces.

A New Governance Model for Birmingham’s Green Space

Under Joseph Chamberlain, Birmingham was seen as the birthplace for modern municipal government, it was at this time that the city’s parks took pride of place amongst its newest city assets 150 years later we are living in very different times and the city’s green spaces now need to respond to global climate and ecological emergencies and the current Covid19 pandemic

To do this effectively Birmingham now needs to take the lead again and change its current governance approach to put nature at the centre of its decision making this is why our FPA programme is called ‘Naturally Birmingham’

We are making progress in helping other parts of the Council see the value of green space take a look at a short video we have put together https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1YWuzdXzqbk&feature=youtu.be