The Future of Parks

In this short video the FPA Naturally Birmingham team and Councillor John O’Shea – Birmingham City Council Cabinet Member for Street Scene and Parks, share their thoughts about Birmingham’s Parks and green spaces and their hopes for the future of parks.

Favourite parks; Handsworth Park, Cannon Hill Park, Merecroft Pool, Edgbaston Reservoir, Swanshurst Park and Acocks Green Millennium Green are just a few of the teams favourites.

Memories of parks; bike riding, catching leaves, making snowballs, running around playing and using our imagination.

Hopes for the future; a change or a movement maybe. Whether through health, education, employment or housing the value of parks is recognised and volunteers are involved more in looking after and deciding the direction for their parks. Young people and those in the community considering their career options think about the opportunities available in the green sector and for communities to own their parks. Inspiring people to take care of and protect green spaces. That people think of parks not as places to visit but as something that is incorporated into their lives. Passionate about all children having the chance to understand what nature is.

That people – know it. love it and protect it.

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