Health and Wellbeing Guides

Wellbeing Users Guide

Wellbeing is an integral part of human happiness. Therefore the Naturally Birmingham team have created a wellbeing user guide (WUG) to help with this. Originally intended to be part of the new tenants Home User Guide (HUG), we thought it would be useful for all residents to have access to this information.

The WUG highlights the importance of green spaces in health and helps directs the citizens of Birmingham to their local green spaces.

The WUG also explains how to combat 5 diseases which are ubiquitous to many different groups across Birmingham. Do you want to improve your wellbeing, then look no further!

Link Workers – Green Space for Health and Wellbeing Guide

We have also created a Health and Wellbeing guide with the intention of assisting link workers in their mission to create excellent social prescribing services.

The aim is to equip them with the skills to communicate the importance of green spaces effectively to their patient groups. The guide highlights how green spaces can improve physical, mental and social wellbeing. It also provides some cases studies and contacts for how to get started.

Find out more information about the Health and wellbeing work that we have been working on:

Healthy City Video
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