Green Champion Programme

FPA Green Champions Programme

The Naturally Birmingham: Future Parks Accelerator project is an innovative programme of actions that goes beyond simply looking at the future of funding and maintaining parks. The programme seeks to embed the value of green spaces across all areas of Birmingham and ensure that Birmingham’s substantial green infrastructure is well managed, well utilised, sustainable, and valued in the face of austerity.

We know we can’t do this alone so we are developing an opportunity for 100 people to take part in our fully funded ‘Green Champions’ Programme which aims to equip participants with the skills necessary to become advocates for green spaces in Birmingham.

Green Champions are an evolution of the adult version of our Park Ambassador proposal first considered in the summer of 2020. Although Covid19 meant we couldn’t easily role out the original programme it did give us more time to develop the Park Ambassador role into something more ambitious than our original plan part of this was developing a Green Champions Programme for anyone interested in promoting green spaces in Birmingham.

The Green Champion Programme aims to:

• Increase the confidence and resilience of participants in the face of change, empowering them to act as ‘change agents’ within their communities.

• Encourage participants to network and explore new roles and partnerships.

• Help develop a cross-boundary culture of knowledge sharing and partnership working.

• Increase wider engagement with the objectives of the Future Parks Accelerator programme in Birmingham

We now have our first cohort of 60 Green Champions in place who are attending a series of monthly online workshops between February and July 2021. After the initial ‘launch event’ participants have been split into teams of around 8-10 people to explore concepts of individual leadership and change management principles in relation to championing green spaces.

Growing Together – getting to know you.

They have already started “growing together” by sharing pictures of plants growing in their gardens, kitchens and home offices. Here is a selection of their plants from emerging seedlings to glorious flowers.

If you want to find out more about the Green Champions Programme please contact our Project Officer at

For more information download out leaflet by clicking on the button below.

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