Time for a come back

Hi, I am Councillor Waseem Zaffar, Birmingham’s Cabinet member for Transport Environment and also Councillor for Lozells. 

Well my first memory of green space is playing cricket for the school cricket team whilst at Heathfield primary school, an amazing school where I’m currently the Chair of Governors.  We played in a school cricket match at Wood Lane playing fields not too far from here. 

I can still picture myself hitting my first ever boundary, the first of many I must say, via a pull shot off the middle of the bat. A memory that stays with me today and a memory that will stay with me for the rest of my life. 

In fact much of my association with green space has been about cricket, as I went on to play for a number of cricket clubs for many years.  It is something I clearly missed having not played for three or four years now.  I think it’s time for a come-back!  

Green spaces are absolutely vital not just for our physical wellbeing but also for our mental wellbeing. We saw the appreciation for Green Space grow substantially during the pandemic and I hope moving forward we will Value, Protect, Preserve and Enjoy our green spaces across the City.

For many, particularly in Inner City Neighbourhoods Green Space is so limited and I’m particularly excited by the work the Future Park Accelerator is doing to ensure that these green spaces however big or small are utilised by all in the community and no one is left behind. 

Please help us plan for the future of our parks and green spaces by sharing your Earth Story too.

Thank you very much

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