For the planet we need more parks.

We really like this very honest Earth Story from Nathan.

My name is Nathan and I want to tell you why I like parks.  I’m 13 and starting to be interested in the climate change emergency.  I think older generations have let us down, although I don’t think many people would have known what a mess we would get into, and my generation will change it.

My first memories of parks are from going to Sandwell Valley Park Farm on a Sunday with my mum and dad from when I was about three.  This farm is part of Sandwell Valley Country Park which is a huge area of green surrounded by houses, the River Tame and the M5.  We used to go and see the animals, and even saw a baby calf being born one morning which made my mum cry, and then I would have a farmers lunch box in the little café.

I’ve also spent time over at Bartley Green reservoir with my uncle, and you get a good view of Birmingham from there.  Plus, we’ve visited lots of other parks like the big one in Sutton, Brueton Park near my nans and Kingsbury Water park is good as they have boats racing on the lakes.  They are all different but give us lots of space and fresh air. 

I think that parks are really important, as you can breathe fresh air and exercise.  Some people have never been to a park, and don’t know how good they are, or how much there is to do.  If all families and people were like this, we wouldn’t have parks anymore.  We go for walks all the time, and my mum and dad are always saying hello to people they don’t even know.  The more people that use parks and talk about them, the faster the messages spread which makes everyone want to go.  Only the good ones though, no-one wants to go to the ones with broken goal posts and old playgrounds.

Parks also break up all the buildings.  Birmingham would be boring if it was all houses, flats, factories and offices, we have lots of green and it makes the everything looks nicer and the trees put more oxygen into the air which is good.

I would like there to be more parks in the future.  They don’t have to be big, little parks near where people live, are good as well.  They need to be fun though.  Some parks are all flower beds, and that’s no good for children, make them interesting.  Parks need to be for everyone so keep the flower beds for some old people to look at and have adventure trails where you can get muddy for little children.

For the planet we need more parks.

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