Insights from our FPA Team

Name: Hamira Sultan Role:
FPA Director and Consultant in Public Health

A warm welcome to our first Blog! Our FPA programme has been on an incredible journey. For me personally, I feel very lucky and privileged to not only be part of it, but to lead our team in moving forward with our goals.

I’ve never had a job before that has impacted me so personally as FPA – the way in which I spend my free time with my 3-year-old son, Esa, has completely changed. Green space is a daily feature of our lives be it in our local park (which he calls ‘my Park’), or in our garden or along the River Cole.

I am excited to see how all our workstreams develop–embedding the value of green space into people’s lives is vital if we are to secure a future for nature in our City. What our programme has concluded so far is the need to change the city’s Governance framework for the natural and green environment. This will be under-pinned by 4 other cross-cutting frameworks. We will be updating you every month on the progress we are making against our 5 frameworks for the FPA programme.

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