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Parks Stars is the junior version of our Park Ambassador programme.

To become a 2021 Park Star all you need to do is download the Park Stars Passport to remind you what 6 activities you need to complete to become one of Birmingham’s Park Stars and then tell us you have completed all the activities and we will send you your certificate.

Park Stars Activities

Take a look through our hints and tips for completing the 6 activities:

Trail: Take Part in a Nature Trail
We will be developing nature trails in some of Birmingham’s parks during the FPA project. For now you can visit any of Birmingham’s parks and green spaces here are some ideas for parks to visit that have walking routes:

As you go around the park look out for birds, trees and flowers, these should be easy to spot. Mammals like squirrels, rabbits and foxes may need a bit of detective work to find clues. To help there is some good information about these animals here:

Quiz: Complete a Nature Based Quiz
We will be developing an online quiz that you can do on rainy days to stay connected to nature. For now why not give this Wildlife Trust Insect Quiz a go:

Move: for 15 mins (in a park or garden) We want to develop some exercises that are great to do out in the park in any weather. But below is a pdf with some ideas for exercises that you can do indoors or outdoors when the ground and weather is suitable.

Observe: Nature for 15 mins: Spend 15 minutes in a green place. You can walk, sit down or lie down. Pay attention to the environment with all your senses. You can do this by asking questions as you go. For example:

  • Seeing questions: what can you see? Look all around you, up at the sky and down at the ground.
  • Smelling questions: what can you smell? Can you describe the smell? Leafy? Like mud?
  • Hearing questions: what can you hear? Birds? The wind? Other people?
  • Feeling and touching questions: what can you feel? Is the sun warm? Is the ground rough or smooth?

You can collect small items (if you’re allowed to) like leaves, pebbles and feathers. Talk to each other about them – for example, ‘What kind of bird do you think this came from?’ or ‘What a pretty pattern on that leaf!’ or “How old is this pebble?”

You don’t have to finish the walk or session in 15 mins if something catches your interest along the way. Let the walk or the quiet time in the park be about connecting with the environment and enjoying time together, rather than getting to the end of 15 minutes.

Plant: a seed, plant, bulb or tree There are lots of organisations who can help you when it comes to planting something you want to watch grow: But you can watch something grow just by keeping some seeds from fruit or veg that you have eaten the rest of, like apple seeds, pumpkins or peppers:

Reflect: – write, photograph, draw Tell us about what you did by writing your story or write a poem, take photographs or draw us a picture.

For poems you could try the The Overhear App – write a poem about your favourite place – it will then be uploaded and when other people visit that place they will be able to read your poem. The link to download the app is or will take you straight to your corresponding App Store.

Park Stars Certificate

So get out and about, stay safe and start completing your activities, when you’ve had a go at them all just send us your final reflection activity in the message box below.

That just means we would like you to think about the activities and tell us:
What you did?
What you liked best?
What didn’t you like?
Would you tell a friend to have ago at Park Stars?

Or you can just send us a picture or a drawing via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram @NaturallyBirmi1 that shows us what you did and we will send you your Park Stars Certificate.

That’s all there is to it for now. But if you want to be involved as a school or family in developing the Junior Park Ambassador programme further then you can contact us at for more information. We welcome your comments.

Good luck! Have Fun! Stay safe!

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