Nature at its core

           Stories are shared in lots of different ways.

They can be read from a book or spoken, or shared through pictures and poems    

Here is Dr Hajra Shah’s story called “Nature at its core”      

Walking down the woods

Holding those tiny hands

Listening to singing birds

Running behind the butterflies

Jumping from that tree stump

I can see the spark in your little eyes

That speak thousand words

The words of hope for the future

Embracing the kindness of nature

Which I will return later

And those words I can hear louder

“Aww mommy nature at its core

It never makes me bore

Let’s go out and explore

Let’s make it safe and secure”

( Dr Hajra Shah, a doctor and a mother)

Dr Hajra Shah has been working with the FPA Naturally Birmingham Project finding out about the benefits nature can provide for our health and wellbeing. Training to be a GP requires her to experience all kinds of different aspects of medical work. It is good to know that your time with the Naturally Birmingham Project inspired such a lovely poem, thank you an good luck for the future as you continue your training.

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