For me, it was Fuji

When you sit back and take stock

At the human story and mother nature’s clock

We arrived here at half past one

And within a minute it’s nearly done!

To halt the doom

We must make room

In our minds

To be kind

To turn the tide

And prevent the slide

And how do you do this?

Step outside, right into mother nature’s bliss

For me, it was Fuji

Four friends together

Weathering the treacherous weather

Up we climbed! From station one

First a canter, then a competitive run

As it approached the time for dinner

We noticed the air become unnervingly thinner

But this was part of nature’s thrill

Each breath to be enjoyed with expert skill

At the summit

All was still

The crowds waited for the ritual crack

The crack of dawn

That luminescent yolk became apparent

It was the Earth’s single parent

It’s yellow rays

The difference between night and day

Spilled onto the skyline

Allowing me time



Recharge, and recalibrate

And analyse my internal state

Reorder and give weight

To this special moment with my dearest mates

And this is the beauty of all that is green

It gives you a warm, fuzzy and numinous feeling

You don’t need Fuji, it was just an example

To help you transcend these four walls

And as we get to a quarter to two

Hopefully we will realise that the planet is beyond me and you

Earth Story Poem Written by – Dr Jeevan Swamy – GP Registrar

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