A walk to wonderland: Kinder in Colour

A walk to wonderland: Kinder in Colour 24 April 2022: Toqueer, my journey Hi, I’m Toqueer Ahmed Quyyam, a Birmingham Friends of the Earth campaigner. There was a dream I had as a child of beautiful hill tops, the wind blowing in my hair, the serenity of the countryside. It felt like heaven. Believe me whenContinue reading “A walk to wonderland: Kinder in Colour”

Nature at its core

           Stories are shared in lots of different ways. They can be read from a book or spoken, or shared through pictures and poems     Here is Dr Hajra Shah’s story called “Nature at its core”       Walking down the woods Holding those tiny hands Listening to singing birds Running behind the butterflies Jumping from that tree stumpContinue reading “Nature at its core”

Don’t Dis-ability Group

We are really pleased to have been working with a group of young people from The Birmingham Children’s Trust “Don’t Dis-ability Group” who have been telling us / showing us why green spaces are important to them. David’s Garden Here we find out about David’s garden project: David’s advice to any young people who areContinue reading “Don’t Dis-ability Group”